• About us

    Obraatelier is a brand that develops integrated services based on a modern, refined and personalized architecture, with emotional creativity, placed in each project, for each client, in Portugal and in the international markets. It promotes, through the versatility to perform complementary tasks, 4 phases: Architecture & Interiors, Construction Management and Export, using originality and attention to the detail to obtain a differentiated and innovative service.

  • Mission

    Obraatelier's mission is to materialize dreams from the architecture.
  • Vision & Values

    The dreams of our CUSTOMERS are what moves us;
    We enchant our CUSTOMERS with our pieces/PROJECTS and our services;
    We develop our business to benefit those who are involved in it, generating benefits for the local community;
    We seek to continuously improve our services;

  • Array

    (Português) Obra Atelier, Lda | Av. Dr. Mário Soares, n.º 1727, 4770-260 Joane - Vila Nova de Famalicão | Tlf.: +351 252 996 374 | info@obraatelier.com |